Prosecutor: Police shooting of woman in standoff justified

Published 12-18-2018

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JONESBORO, Ark. (AP) - A prosecutor says police in northeast Arkansas won't face any charges for fatally shooting a woman to end a five-hour standoff that began when she shot a maintenance worker at an apartment complex.

Prosecutor Scott Ellington said in a letter released Tuesday that Jonesboro police officers were justified in shooting Brenda Thomas, 56, last week. Police say 41-year-old Dennis Mardis was shot and wounded by Thomas when he checked on her welfare.

Police say Thomas refused to leave the apartment or communicate with negotiators and a police dog was sent into the apartment. Ellington says Thomas opened fire, wounding the dog, then was shot by two officers after she pointed her gun at them.

Ellington says police tried to end the standoff peacefully and acted in self-defense.

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