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TN is home to one of the most famous haunted houses in the United States, the Gatlinburg Haunted House. Opened in 1980, this haunted house in Gatlinsburg, TN, has been scaring Smoky Mountain vacationers for over 30 years and still offers some of our creepiest horrors from the area.

Anderson County is full of history, so it's no wonder there are many places that are said to be haunted, but the scariest is the Bell Witch's Cave. Chattanooga is one of the most persecuted cities, even if we don't get the press that other persecuted cities in Tennessee do. Haunted Places in Tennessee - Tennessee is an attraction in itself that is full on Halloween.

This homestead in Lookout Valley is home to the Sevierville Plantation, one of the oldest plantations in Tennessee and the only one in Anderson County. The Seviserville plantation was the site of the 1864 Revolutionary and Civil War, as well as the Battle of Chattanooga.

Jackson was the only general on Washington County's side and served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Known as the finest inn on the Tennessee border, the inn has hosted many of the most famous and influential figures in Tennessee history. It was quite luxurious at the time, the first inn along the Tennessee border to provide feather beds. I spent some time at the Inn during my time as a guest of General Jackson during his visit to Tennessee in 1861.

Among the exhibits are a variety of artifacts from the Civil War and the early days of the Confederate Army. There are a number of interesting exhibits in the Jonesboro Tennessee Museum of History that I found interesting. The exhibits include an exhibition on Tennessee history and its relationship to the Confederacy in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as a collection of photographs and memorabilia from Tennessee history. The exhibit includes a number of exhibits about Tennessee, its history and some of its connections to other states and countries.

Knox County Jail is located in Knoxville, Tennessee, south of the Jonesboro Tennessee Museum of History, and you can contact them at 931-484-5559. The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office Suite, a mug shot by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, is located in Cumberlands County.

This is a small, free museum where you can see some interesting exhibits and read about the history of the area. You can get a taste of history at the Jonesboro Tennessee Museum of History, just blocks from the Cumberland County Courthouse.

This collection of artifacts, newspapers and other ephemera focuses on creating a fascinating historical record of the region. Located in the Historic Jonesboro Visitors Center, the Jonesborough - Washington County History Museum reinterprets local history from the 1770s to the present. Here, Jonesborough's past, present and history are presented through the work of nationally renowned playwright Jules Corriere.

This page will tell you everything a person needs to know about Cumberland County Jail and who is in the jail itself. The raids in Tennessee were recorded in Hamblen County, an eastern Tennessee county, using a fully organized database. Every Monday, we post a new mugshot of a Tennessee Department of Corrections (TNDOC) resident and put it on our website.

See East Tennessee mugshots (@ easttnbusting) discovered on Pinterest, the world's largest collection of ideas. This is supposed to be a map of McMinn County in Tennessee in the United States and to refer to both the history of the district and the history of the state of Tennessee.

The main area of the park is located in downtown Jonesborough, with additional areas to the east and west of the city and downtown McMinn County. The Civic Trust is responsible for the historic district, which was the first downtown area in Tennessee to be designated a historic zone. Before Tennessee became a state, Jonesboro was established as an area under the jurisdiction of North Carolina.

The Chester Inn is a state-owned historic site operated by the Tennessee Department of Historic Preservation and the Jonesboro Civic Trust. The operation of the Chester's Inn was funded by a grant from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the National Park Service and other government agencies. Today, it is one of only a handful of state-owned and operated historic sites in the United States. For more information on the history of the historic district of Jonesborough, read more about the Cheshire Inn in our article about it here.

This list of TN gun shows is updated daily and features outdoor exhibitions and events for firearms enthusiasts. The Knoxville Expo Gun and Knife Show is held every first Saturday of the month at the Knox County Convention Center. Visit the Tennessee Museum of Natural History and the Jonesboro Civic Trust website for more information. It is located in Jonesborough, Tennessee, just south of the intersection of Interstate 65 and Interstate 75 and can be visited online here.

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More About Jonesboro