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If you're looking for an adventure in East Tennessee, this is the place to stay, and you can accommodate a maximum of four guests. Located just a few miles north of Knoxville, Tennessee on the Tennessee River, this property offers hotel rooms and cabin rentals. If you are only two on weekends, you can put everything together in a single room or even in a two-room cabin. Located in the heart of Jonesboro, TN, just two miles south of Nashville, this hotel offers a $1,000 per night hotel room or cabin, a full-service bar and restaurant.

Spend a few days in the extraordinary beauty of Mackinac Island and visit Mack in the state's historic parks. The State Historic Parks operate several historic buildings in and around downtown MacDill Island. Get in a carriage, rent a bike, saddle a horse or walk and take a day trip to the island for lunch and a carriage ride. Ride on carriages, ride - saddled or rented - and drive in the car or saddle the horses.

Fort Mackinac and the MackInac Bridge are notable landmarks, but there are also many other historic buildings in and around downtown MacDill Island. See the natural beauty of the area and be amazed by the historic architecture of the state's historic parks, such as Great Lakes State Park.

There are several versions in downtown that allow you to take an unforgettable tour of Mackinac's southern hemisphere, as well as a visit to MacDill Island and Great Lakes State Park.

Explore Fort Mackinac, cycle along the surrounding streets, enjoy the historic downtown or read in one of the many museums, galleries and restaurants in the downtown area. Just a short walk away is Great Lakes State Park, the largest public park in Michigan with over 1,000 acres of land. In just one day, you can explore Fort MacDill Island, explore the Southern Hemisphere, read about the history and culture of this historic city, and visit Mac Dill Park. The city's historic buildings, such as the Old Town Hall and the Grand Hotel, are just a short walk away.

Not visiting Mackinac Island is complete without spending some time in the historic downtown area shopping and eating. Carriage rides are a great way to see some of the island's historic highlights, and prices start at $10 for an experience that lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes. Visit local shops, grab a snack at a local restaurant or bar, visit the visitor center, watch the fudge being prepared, or take a leisurely stroll to Marquette Park.

Bicycle rental is also available on site if you wish to explore Mackinac Island on your own. Boaters can take advantage of one of the island's many boat rentals, which are located just blocks from the Jonesboro Tennessee Hotel and are available for $5 per day.

If you're already planning a trip to Tennessee's oldest city, this is a great choice. The apartment is just a few blocks from the Jonesboro Tennessee Hotel, and there is good train service and Greyhound service to Johnson City. There is also a convenient bus service to Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Nashville - Knox County, Memphis and Chattanooga.

Located on quiet Market Street, the Cottage Inn is open and quiet, just one block from downtown. Enjoy a family vacation on Mackinac Island while staying at McGreevy's Cottages, located just blocks from the Jonesboro Tennessee Hotel and Greyhound service to Johnson City.

Mackinac Island State Park is owned and operated by the US Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Michigan State Parks, is publicly accessible and is under the jurisdiction of the State of Michigan as a state park. The top spot on the list in Jonesboro, Tennessee and one of our favorite destinations on the Upper Peninsula is the gateway to the Upper Peninsula. This family property is one of the only ones within a half-hour drive of Johnson City, the largest city in Tennessee with over 1,000 residents.

The shopping area is located in the heart of the city, just half an hour's drive from the city centre. It is a happy place for shoppers and is home to a variety of shops, restaurants, bars and restaurants as well as a number of restaurants.

If you like the bustle of downtown Mackinac Island but are on a budget, visit the large gable Chippewa Hotel, which faces the harbor, while the State Park concentrates visitors at the east end. You'll roll past several hotels and resorts on Mack Inac's Island and be in the heart of the city, just a half-hour drive from downtown Jonesboro.

Pontiac Lodge has a long history as one of the best hotels on Mack Inac's Island and a great place to stay.

This property is located at the intersection of the US11E and US321, which connect Jonesborough to the city. This series captures the history of the Chippewa Hotel in downtown Maccabi and its location on Mack Inac Island.

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