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Trey Lance will host the Central Arkansas Bears at the Fargodome on Saturday, October 3, and it will be the first meeting between the Red Wolves and the Bears since the 2014 season. Arkansas State football team will make its first trip to face the Louisiana Ragin 'Cajuns in a Sun Belt Conference contest this Saturday (November 3) at 7: 30 p.m. CT on Arkansas State's NFL elite and the Arkansas Razorbacks will play their home game against the Texas A & M Aggies on Friday, October 26.

Fans can watch the game on ESPN3 and the Razorbacks' Facebook page, but the site is not available for those who are not members of the Arkansas State University Red Wolves football team.

The Traveler Statewide Digital Resource Program is the Arkansas State Library's effort to provide online resources through the online resource to Arkansas residents, schools, libraries and universities.

In nine months, the University of Washington football team will host Arkansas State's first opponent at Husky Stadium. Arkansas State's annual football recruiting conference in Little Rock will be held Saturday, November 5, from 10 a.m. to noon at the Razorback Center. We had a great season with Steele Begeal in the Texas quarterfinals and we're going to have some great seasons with him.

For more information about Arkansas State University's Red Wolves football program, visit the Razorback Center's official website or follow us on Twitter at @ RazorbackFootball.

Arkansas State answered Kansas State's second-half lead with a 31-20 victory after Jonathan Adams caught a touchdown in the first quarter and the Red Wolves' first touchdown of the season.

Arkansas State recorded an 11-0 season as one of only two unbeaten teams and played briefly at the I-I level from 1978 to 1981. Brady has coached Arkansas State since 2003 and led the Tigers to the NCAA tournament's Final Four in 2006. Quarterback Ryan Aplin led the Red Wolves to a bowl game on January 8, 2012, when they faced the Northern Illinois University Huskies.

Arkansas State was invited to the New Orleans Bowl after the 2005 football season and finished the regular season with a 9-3 record and a 2-1 success in the Southland Conference. The Red Wolves finished the season with an overall record of 11-2 and 3-0 in the conference and were selected for the post-season play-offs because they were a member of the North American Athletics Conference and the league did not have a bowl game tie. They played in the Louisiana-Lafayette Bowl and lost 31-20 to Northern Illinois in front of a crowd of 2,843.

On June 18, 2007, the Arkansas State Mascot Review Committee unanimously approved the university's decision to retire the mascot of the Red Wolves football team, "The Red Wolf," and all of its mascots. The university had planned to do so for the past two seasons, but it was decided that there was no time to change it to avoid conflicts with the NCAA.

In addition to providing freshman experience courses for prospective students, the university is also committed to an increase in the number of wild red wolves. Little Rock Zoo is exploring the possibility of building a breeding facility for red wolves on the campus of Arkansas State University. If you would like to donate money to build the breeding facilities, you can contact the Arkansas State University Foundation and ask for a donation to the Red Wolves for Red Wolves Fund. Red wolf species Survival Plan, which was held last summer, outlined a plan for a future breeding and training program for Red Wolves.

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Arkansas State's Harsin's contract includes a $1.5 million signing bonus for the first year of his contract, which includes the No. Anderson was previously head coach and offensive coordinator at Texas A & M University in San Antonio. He becomes the second head coach in Arkansas history to succeed Malthouse and his predecessor Hugh Freeze, who both quit after just one season in Jonesboro. Jeff Hankins is the former head coach of the basketball team at the University of Arkansas at Fort Worth.

Red wolves were once numerous small carnivores that migrated from the East Coast to the Southeast and extended their territory as far as Texas. As the cousin of the larger gray wolf, the red wolves mainly eat deer, elk, coyotes, bears, wolves, big cats and other wildlife, but they are also an important meat source for many southern states, including Arkansas. The red wolf is also the second-largest predator in the US, behind the grizzly bear, Melton said. Red wolves are now native to many northern states as well as many southern states (including Arkansas), and the A-state has a growing national role as a breeding ground for them.

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